Chatwork is a non-governmental organization that connects researchers, developers, and students in Artificial Intelligence worldwide via our community. We regularly organize training courses and seminars to bring new background knowledge to the community.


We have become an accredited member of the OpenEDG Education Partner Program and are authorized to provide OpenEDG education solutions for December 13, 2021. On May 20, 2022, Python Institute updated and published Chatwork information to the global educational partner network. And now, you can access and check our action on the Python Institute's website.


Education Partner Program Certification

Chatwork is currently implementing 02 main programs, including Deep Learning Week and an exclusive international programming certification training program of the Python Institute and Pearson VUE. In addition, we are a training partner of The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute and implement a virtual assistant platform for diagnostic imaging using Deep Learning technology.


We had organized and taught over 100 students for the Python program and 1.200 students for the Machine Learning, or Deep Learning in the world, after two years of operation. Our students find jobs within three months of graduation, which is our motivation and pride. And the remarkable thing when coming to our program is that students do not need to care about tuition fees, which can be the biggest obstacle in conquering their knowledge. We always have funding from organizations to support students from developing countries or students with difficult circumstances. But, of course, to guarantee our education quality and students' commitment to their studying process, we always request that all students should donate a period fee within their financial means.


Our main partners are currently reputable domestic and foreign organizations in Vietnam and worldwide, including the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI), Python Institute, Javascript Institute, and C/C++ Institute.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or visit our fan page on Facebook.