The candidates who achieved PCAP certificates in early 2022

The candidates who achieved PCAP certificates in early 2022

PCAP is a professional certification that measures a programmer's ability to work with the Python language, issued by The OpenEDG Python Institute, and Pearson VUE is the exam supervisor. Certificate holders are assessed and recognized for their Python programming knowledge, skills, and proficiency.


Mr. Bao Minh was born in 2000 (Can Tho City) is one of the students at Chatwork to possess the first international Python certificate in the exam on February 12, 2022.


Python is the language that Bao Minh learned at university. Therefore, the certification exam allows Bao Minh to review his knowledge and skills, helping him understand and use them in his future work. Furthermore, after graduation, Bao Minh will aspire to apply and follow his dream for the "Machine Learning Engineer" position. Bao Minh said, "Obtaining the certificate will help me prove my ability and understand how programmers handle technical issues and technology."


To achieve the PCAP certificate, Bao Minh spent 02 months reviewing the five Python Modules of OpenEDG with the guidance of the lecturer. At the same time, Bao Minh also practices other in-depth skills and knowledge such as Control and Evaluations, Data aggregates, Functions and modules, Class, objects, exceptions with practice tests organized by Chatwork.


According to Bao Minh, "there are officially 40 questions, including four basic skills, divided into four parts. If the answer is more than 70% correct, the candidate will be confirmed to have passed the certification. For all kinds of international certificates, ensuring the quality of the test is essential, and so is the PCAP. The contest is organized and supervised by the judges appointed by Pearson VUE, so candidates need to follow the exam rules when taking the exam."


Currently, Chatwork is the exclusive and authorized partner to provide OpenEDG's education solutions in Vietnam and several countries in Southeast Asia (including Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, etc.). Programs are held at Chatwork, including test preparation courses for PCEP, PCAP, PCPP (for Python); CE1, CE2, CPPE (for C/C++); JSE1, JSE2 (for Java); and other certification courses in machine learning and deep learning.

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