The Scholarship Announcement of Chatwork 2022

The Scholarship Announcement of Chatwork 2022

Finance Aid is a support finance program of Chatwork and our partners to help students from poor in developing countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, etc. Students with great studying results will receive a scholarship to support their studying process in Chatwork. The program will be managed by Chatwork Finance Aid Center. And we will review and provide the scholarship for Chatwork's students four times per year.

Chatwork Finance Aid Center announces the resulting scholarship 2022 (phase 1) as the following:

  1. Scholarship consideration period: 2022, Feb 15 - 2022, Mar 15
  2. Result announcement time: 2022, Mar 15 - 2022, Mar 20
  3. Scholarship payment period: 2022, Mar 20 - 2022, Mar 25
  4. Scholarship payment form: Bank account transfer
  5. Number of students participating: 50 students
  6. Number of students receiving scholarships: 05 students
  7. Result notification form: Email
  8. Scholarship consideration criteria: based on Python, C/C++, JavaScript, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning certification exam results.

Note: The students who have listed the Chatwork's Scholarship 2022 (phase 1), please contact the Chatwork Finance Aid Center to receive the scholarship as soon as possible. We will cancel your scholarship results if you do not contact us during the scholarship payment period. In addition, we will not resolve any subsequent claims after that period.

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